About Sanjay Precision Industries

A thriving as well as a developed plant or a production line-up highly depends on accurately consistent and reliable machined parts that are manufactured in line with the most precise and correct dimensions. According to the significant role the CNC Turned parts plays in today’s up to date industries, we offer a range of specialized machinery that has the capacity to customize the size of the parts, as per your requirement.

we being a specialized CNC Turned parts manufacturer, develop high quality, customized parts and components. As in today’s era, small parts have become popular; we have personalized the proficient CNC machinery in order to offer parts that are complex, unique and apt to suit the needs of our clients.

Our Role

Most of the manufacturing units, developed in today’s era are built after compact planning. The requirement to pay attention on detailed coordination along with the validation of work flow has obligated an increasing number of companies to pay most of their attention towards production or assemblage. We focus to cater to all the micromechanical needs of our clients. We equip our customers with complex assemblage or completed individual components. This in turn helps our clients to put their focus on their core business, as we being one of the most efficient CNC Turned parts manufacturers take care of all their machinery parts needs. We have the capacity to handle medium to high volume of our CNC Turned parts.

Why Us?

More than 28 Years of Experience as CNC Turned Parts manufacturer. It lies in being our core competency while manufacturing the most challenging, high precision machining, mechanical parts and components.

As with time, technologies are getting mobile, the demand of smaller more elaborate and complex parts is rapidly rising. Other than our much attained proficiency and knowledge along with accomplished craftsmanship, such parts and components require a much rationalized process like the one we have, along with being assured in terms of being consistent in offering preeminent quality. Today, with the kind of specialized and effectual CNC Turned Parts manufacturers like us play an integral role in supporting numerous brands and companies crafting innovative products.

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