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About Sanjay Precision Industries

We are a reputed and a well recognized Manufacturer and Exporter of Precision Turned and Grinded Components, cased in the city of Ghaziabad. With our roots had been developed back in the year 1987. Ever since our conception we have been serving our various clients in the country as well as abroad.

Quality being our sole motivation and USP, of our company, has been further highlighted and certified the ISO and the RHSO certifications that we have acquired in the due course of time. The most imperative and integral base of our functioning is to keep our clients satisfied and offer the best in our abilities, customizing the various solutions as per their discretion.
We offer customer oriented solution for the bringing in use, the vast and most advance technical equipment along with the latest measures, supplemented with more than 30 years of expertise, enabling us to perform with our best foot forward.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 qualified proficient company, productively catering to the varied industries with our range of precision turned components. Ever Since the beginning of our company we have tasted the flavor of growth and we have been expanding to be at a position, like the present, while we are considered to be a reliable name in the native as well as in the market overseas. Our expert services are inclusive of being a paramount manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the various components like screws, rivets, electrical parts, auto electrical parts and components, metal micro components and numerous of other sort of turned components & parts. We also provide a huge collection of customized products as per the requirement and the discretion of our clients.

We have a vast network, covering almost all the major parts of the country. Wherein we make sure to employ trained and experienced staff to cater to the needs of our customers from all walks of life. Our enormous range of services offer standard as well as customized solutions in accordance to the shifting needs and purpose of our clients. We do not work upon templates to offer our services, rather we offer customized and flexible solutions in order to arrange the best in our abilities, so as to serve our customers according to their special needs and requirements.

Sanjay Precision Industries was integrated by Mr. P.K Jain, back in the year 1987. Quality has been our major goal and the back bone of our growth and expansion in this domain, ever since we started. We stress upon optimal quality in our products as well as our services, and in turn we have been acknowledged by certifications such as ISO and RHSO. Each day, and each of our projects have accomplished complete customer satisfaction and succeeded while focusing on the needs of our customers. Our relevance and devotion to principles in business implementation has made us a preferential name for all our clients.


We are certified with an ISO 9001:2000 for abiding by a well described Quality Audit System. We consider quality to be the most crucial and credible aspect of the way we function every day. Quality Audit begins right from the acquirement of raw material and becomes an integral part of all the procedures until the eventual delivery. Our products are constantly audited by specialized quality control professional and experienced team of individuals. All our products are inspected on various criterias to ensure consent with International standards. Prior to the process of delivery every lot is specifically investigated to make sure that they comply with the clients notion. Furthermore, we thrive to manage a secure and a prosperous work background and we have been certified by RHOS for the same. Our team members and internals form an important and significant part of our Quality Management System.

Our Infrastructure

We are prepared with an advanced range of equipment that looks after the most demanding manufacturing requirements of our customers. The manufacturing unit we posses comprise of the best in class CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and the other automated equipment. We possess a distinct and the most advanced production unit that is organized with the most stringent procedures and ensures the most impeccable and consistent production services.

Other than this, we also possess an ample protected and boundless warehouse for the stowage of the imminent raw material and ready products. All our products are preserved well in a proper systematic approach while labeled properly and methodically. While we are equipped with the best in class warehousing facilities, it equips us to manage the exigency and the aggregate needs of our customers within the specified time frame.


We offer an exclusive range of Precision Turned Components developed from various metals such as steel stainless steel aluminum, steel alloys amongst a lot of others. Our products are crafted with the most specific precision. We also customize our produce of Turned Components in accordance to our clients unique specifications.

With an abundant experience in this field we are able to develop innovative turned component:

  • Screws
  • Tapping Screws
  • Rivets
  • Electrical Parts
  • Other Turned Components & Parts
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