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We offer comprehensive and credible parts, such as Turned components, turned parts, inserts, machines parts like core tubes, Brass holdings, machines housing, couplers, machine bushes, rivets, precision parts and many more. Ours is a Company with a broad horizon and portfolio that comprises of tools, pressed parts and components, machine parts and much more.

Our Units had a modest establishment back in 1987 with a just a few of the machines and a limited staff. Its because of their hard work and dedication, that we are able to acquire a stable position today in the market. Quality has indeed played a significant role in shaping up our company, since our produce always stood well for us. We operate with the latest machinery in order to produce our tools.

Turned Components
  • Taper Threaded Coupler
  • We present a wide range of turned components & parts that includes bushes, nuts, manifolds, conduit fittings amongst the rest. These tools are contrived with a precise dimensional touch and possess a high measurement acceptance. Our range of turned components and parts make their way in switch gears, elevators, transformers, heaters etc. We offer them in several versions at unmatched prices.

  • Turned Parts
  • We are one of the leading and the most reliable turned Parts manufacturer in the country. We manufacture general as well as customized version of turned parts as per our clients requirements. The components are developed in various material like steel, copper, carbon steel etc. and are packaged as per the customers wish and need at am extremely affordable pricing.

  • Stainless Steel Threaded Parts
  • Our collection of Stainless Steel and Threaded parts are widely used by our customers, owning to its distinct quality and the most affordable pricing offering an unperturbed purchase each time. We have a wide variety of Stainless steel parts that would surely add the required boost to your machines.

  • Brass Inserts
  • We offer a wide range of Brass Inserts made high in quality, to be attuned with wood and plastics in order to offer high tensile power, exceptional resistance to corrosion and are excellent heat conductors. We customize the make, according to our customers requirements, at the most competitive prices.

  • Sliding Head Machined Parts
  • We have an abundant resource to offer Sliding Head Machined Parts to our clients who find them greatly useful in the numerous heavy machines. We design them by adapting the most advanced technology and tools, so as that it can be used optimally at extremely reasonable prices.

    CNC Turned Parts1
  • CNC Turned Parts
  • We offer an entire range of CNC Precision Machines that can be customized in accordance to our clients and their specifications to outfit them in their distinct usage. The CNC Turned Parts offered by us are highly acceptable and can be used for as long as you want.

    CNC Turned Parts2
  • CNC Turned Parts
  • We have created an inclusive choice of CNC Precision Machines that are developed according to the distinct requirements from our customers. They are accessible in numerous technical specifications, sizes and layouts, these machines are well used in numerous industries, while its application varies as well.

    Precision Turned Components & Parts
  • Machined Housing
  • We offer Machined Housing that is well designed and engineered at the same time, so as to ensure that we develop excellent quality products. They are offered in reasonable prices.

  • Core Tube
  • Core Tubes definitely are the most essential tools, for most of the machineries, available with us at very competitive prices, keeping the quality optimal for our customers.

  • Brass Housing
  • We manufacture an extensive range of Brass Housing that is useful in several industries by our clients. We develop and manufacture these essential parts with an absolute dedication to quality in tune with a competitive pricing.

  • Threaded Coupler
  • We manufacture a wide range of Threaded Couplers that are strong made with the most sorted raw material carrying a sufficient tensile strength, and an ample quality mark, within the most affordable pricing.

  • Machined Bush
  • We manufacture a broad range of Machined Bushes that are developed with the most accurate and paramount quality and usage. All our Machined Bush parts are appreciated by our clients owing to their proficient quality and practical rates.

    VMC Machines Parts
  • VMC Machines Parts
  • We are specialized in developing superior quality metal micro parts for its use in various industries. We make use of the most advanced and the latest technology while giving them the most accurate structure and the finest detailing. We make these parts from the various quality material and posses a high resistance to corrosion. Our range of metal micro components is available in the various stipulations at the most viable prices.

    The wide range of our Metal Micro components are used in various products such as general batteries, Micro and Miniature batteries, Micro Mechanical Precision parts, Micro-optical precision parts, Electro-mechanical precision parts, general Mechtronic devices, Low power ICs etc.

    Precision Turned Parts
  • Precision Turned Parts
  • These parts are manufactured with a great quality and are offered to our customers at the most reasonable prices. Our Turned parts are manufactured in the various shapes, sizes and finishes in order to suit every need of the customers associated with us. We also customize the packing of these parts, as per their choice.

    CNC Turned Parts
  • CNC Turned Parts
  • We have emerged with the most widespread range of CNC Turned parts that are manufactured and structured in packaging according to our clients. We are one of the leading and trusted manufacturer of these parts. While we manufacture them from various raw materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, copper etc.

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